Day trip to the shores of Irish Sea, Blackpool

England, UK

Blackpool is an attraction for all during summer in the UK. It is an old town on the seashore of the Irish Sea, welcoming thousands of tourists every year. I had an opportunity to visit this place as a first to see the seaside in England.


It is true, that the most rewarding time of the year in there is the hot summer days, however, we’d to be happy with windy and somewhat cool weather; but, nevertheless, we had a great time, because of what Blackpool had to offer.

Getting there

If you are coming from the south, as we did, one of the best ways is to use the coach coming from Manchester Piccadilly, which wasn’t expensive at all and takes something like an hour and half to get there. They would drop you off at the coach station, which is the centre of the town, and you would be able to see the Blackpool tower already, in which you can get in, however, it was too expensive for us.


Blackpool Tower

Staying in Blackpool

We stayed in one of the hotels, located in the central part of the town, while booking through, it was a cheap deal at that time, 28 pounds for a double room per night, however, I do think that prices vary on the season and demand. You can view property here, it was clean and had what we needed, our needs being…humble. The best part was that it was in the centre and the coach and train stations were within the walking distance.

What to do


Comic Carpet

First day was rainy and very windy, so we took our time to look around at the moments that weren’t so damp; walked around the town and visited seaside, which was refurbished and fairly modern, and you can see the Comic Carpet in front of the Blackpool Tower. We also had a lovely dinner at Bella Italia, which was one of the few open in the evening, since it wasn’t the tourist season, they had vegan options, so I chose Lenticchi and it was good. Blackpool has a shopping centre, so if you find yourself bored, you can spend some time browsing shops.

On the second day, we thought that we have a long afternoon for such small city, knowing that swimming in the sea or tanning weren’t our options during this weather, we thought, we could go to Blackpool Pleasure Beach, an amusement park. We made our reservations a day before online, apparently this way it is cheaper. The park is a bit further away from the centre, so it took us around 40 minutes of walking to get there. Little piece of advice, if the weather is somewhat sketchy, do purchase raincoats in city centre souvenir shops, because if you are in the amusement park, they will be much more expensive and some rides can get you wet!

After we got our wristbands, we went to deposit our backpacks into safe lockers, because it would be tedious to carry them around and went in to have fun. Honestly, we spent more than 4 hours there until we got exhausted, but there is so much to do. Rides vary from mild ones and the ones designed for very small children to extreme and aggressive ones. You can purchase some merchandise and food in there, however, none of the stalls that were open that day seemed to have vegan or vegetarian options, so you might need to think beforehand.


Pleasure Beach

We tried almost every ride in there, getting wet, scared or screaming; the Big One, was actually really really high for my standards, so I must admit, however am I brave, it got me scared as hell.

That park got a lot of to offer to keep you occupied and I think it did its justice for the price. Blackpool also has some other amusement sites including aquapark, but we had to choose an option and I wasn’t disappointed with the Pleasure Beach.

All in all, I must say, while Blackpool was definitely a different England experience for me, I wouldn’t spend more than 2 or 3 days in there, because if the weather is not good enough, the town is way too small to keep you occupied. However, for a family or couple daytrip it is a very much suitable place.